Ahoy, Readers!

Picture Books

The Night Pirates (2006)
Harris, Peter
Down, down, down the street and up, up, up the house, a little boy named Tomis awoken by a group of little girl pirates. Upon joining the crew, Tom and his new friends, set off for an island, where they are met by rough, tough, grown-up pirates.

The No-Good, Do-Good Pirates (2008)
Kraft, Jim
When a group of no-good pirates get caught by the law, they’re sentenced to do one good deed before sundown. But it turns out doing a good deed isn’t so easy for a bunch of clueless and very bad pirates.

Port Side Pirates (2007)
Seaworthy, Oscar
Complete with CD, this colorful book is a pirate song and dance waiting to happen!

Chapter Books

Pirates Eat Porridge
(2006)Morgan, Christopher
Grades 2-4
In the middle of a good day dreaming session, Billy’s sister, Heidi says, “There’s a pirate at our door!” Billy and Heidi get to go on a wild adventure to Itchy Ear Island and learn all sorts of funny facts about pirates and parrots.

The Golden Age of Pirates (2008)
Temple, Bob
Grades 3-4
“You live in a time of discovery, adventure, and travel.” You are living life at sea, and it’s dangerous, yet
rewarding. There are lots of important decisions and, in this book, you get to make them. Choose your own adventure in this action-packed pirate story!

Non-Fiction Books

A Pirate Adventure
Solway, Andrew
J 551.6 SOL
Interested in how pirates survived during inclement weather? This book covers wind, air pressure, storms and forecasting, all relating to a pirate journey both on land and on shore.

Real Pirates
Hibbert, Clare
J 910.45 HIB
In this collection of over 20 true pirate stories, we look at tales and facts from the Caribbean, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, as well as a quick look at some other useful pirate facts.

Everything I Know About Pirates
Lichtenheld, Tom
J 910.45 LIC
Want a humorous take on everything from tying pirate knots, to creating your own pirate name? This book covers lots of real pirate facts.

Piratepedia (2007)
Niehaus, Alisha
J 910.45 NIE
Throughout this book, we make 27 stops around the world, learning all kinds of interesting facts about pirates, complete with pictures of artifacts, maps, and even movie photos. This book covers everything. There’s even an interactive pirate map game tucked into a secret back pocket!