Books About Best Friends

Picture Books

We Are Best Friends (1982)
When Peter comes over
to tell Robert he’s moving away,
Robert is crushed—nobody to play with, share with, or fight with. He can’t seem to have any fun at all, until he meets Will.

Best Friends Together Again (1995)
When Peter comes back to visit Robert, some things are different and some are the same. Although the two boys have made new friends, they learn that old friends are very special.

Appelt Kathi
Bubba and Beau: Best Friends (2002)
Bubba and Beau, a baby and a puppy, are best friends with a lot in common. Most of all, they share a love for a pinky-pink, cottony-soft, snappity-snap, toasty-warm blanket.

Beaumont, Karen
Being Friends (2002)
Two friends have a variety of similarities and an even bigger variety of differences, but they both like being friends.

Carlson, Nancy
My Best Friend Moved Away (2001)
When best friends are split up, one of the girls  remembers all of the fun they had together and wonders if she’ll ever make a friend again.

Chodos-Irvine, Margaret
Best Best Friends (2006)
Mary and Clare are best friends in their pre-school class, but when Mary’s birthday comes around, all the special treatment makes Clare very jealous.

Eaton, Maxwell III
The Adventures of Max and Pinky: Best Buds (2007)
Max and Pinky are best friends, always have been,  always will be. Every Saturday is Adventure Day! But one Saturday, Pinky doesn’t show up.

Gleeson, Libby
Half a World Away (2006)
Amy and Louie are best friends who have a special call for each other, Coo-ee! But one day Amy and her family move very far away and Louie wonders if he can call loudly enough for her to hear.

Gordon, David
Smitten (2007)
When a lost and lonely mitten finds a sock who’s also all alone, the two set out on a quest to find their other halves. But what they find instead, is even    better.

Kellogg, Steven
Best Friends (1986)
Kathy and Louise are best friends. They do everything together from sitting together at school to pretending to ride a stallion named Golden Silverwind. But when Louise leaves for the mountains with her aunt and uncle, Kathy is left all alone at home, and Louise   doesn’t seem to feel quite as sad.

McPhail, David
Budgie & Boo (2009)
Budgie the bear and Boo the rabbit are best friends. Starting in the morning and ending at night, the two friends help each other fix problems and make each other laugh.

Nilsen, Anna
My Best Friends (2003)
After a day of playing together friends also tire of each other. But through it all, they realize that they’ll be best friends no matter what.

Ripper, George
Brian & Bob: The Tale of Two Guinea Pigs (2003)
At the pet store, Brian and Bob, two guinea pigs, are best friends, Their favorite game is I-Spy. One day, Bob gets adopted and the two are separated. Brian misses Bob, Bob misses Brian, and they wonder if they’ll ever see each other again.

Rodman, Mary Ann
My Best Friend (2005)
At the pool, Lily, a 1st-grader, yearns to become best friends with Tamika, a 2nd grader. But when she realizes that Tamika doesn’t want to be friends with someone a year younger than her, Lily has to figure out a new plan.

O’Neill, Alexis
The Worst Best Friend (2008)
Mike and Conrad, Conrad and Mike, best best friends—until one day when Victor comes to the school and Conrad turns into the worst best friend.

Rohmann, Eric
My Friend Rabbit (2002)
Whenever mouse’s friend Rabbit gets an idea, trouble follows. So a toy airplane is sure to bring big trouble.

Wilson, Sarah
Friends and Pals and Brothers, Too (2008)
One small, one tall, two brothers don’t look alike, but enjoy the same activities all year.

Hatkoff, Isabella
Owen & Mzee (2006)
J 599.635 HAT
This is a true story of an unlikely friendship, formed in a park in  Africa. It started when a baby hippo named Owen was placed in Haller Park, in the same area as an unsuspecting and unfriendly Aldabra tortoise, Mzee.

Easy Readers

Arnold, Caroline
Wiggle and Waggle (2007)
Wiggle and Waggle are best friends. They’re also worms. They work hard, but they take time off to sing songs, go swimming, and even have a picnic.

Leonard, Marcia
Best Friends (1999)
Despite all their differences, these best friends also have a lot in common.

Lobel, Arnold
Frog and Toad Are Friends (1970)
A classic book in 5 stories, Frog and Toad, best friends, go swimming, look for lost buttons, and write letters.

Namm, Diane
My Best Friend (2004)
When groups of children can’t find common ground to be best friends, one thing can bring them together—candy!

Ross,  Pat
Meet M & M (1980)
Mandy and Mimi were not only best friends, but best friends who sometimes pretended to be twins. But on one crabby day, everything went wrong.

Wilson, Jacqueline
Best Friends (2004)
Gemma and Alice have been best friends since their (same) birthday. But when Alice and her family move 500 miles away to Scotland, Gemma worries that she might make new, better friends.

Craft Books

Skillicorn, Helen
Friendship Book (2003)
J 745.5 CRA
Learn how to make a message decoder, linking lockets, and fortune cookies. Or maybe make a green grub picture frame to show your friends off to the world.

Torres, Laura
Best Friends Forever! 199 Projects to Make and Share (2004)
J 745.5 TOR
Among the 199 crafts in this book, you will find a    bottle-cap locker magnet, flip-flip key chain, and
sweet & fruity lip gloss. You’ll also photo-taking tips, pencil games, and even a few prank ideas.

Gryski, Camilla
Friendship Bracelets (1993)
J 746.4222 GR
From choosing the colors of your embroidery thread, to detangling mistakes, this book walks covers all kinds of different friendship bracelet making projects. Learn how to make arrowhead bracelets, skinny bracelets, diamond and X stitches, or even how to add beads!