Picture Books

Alter, Anna
Estelle and Lucy (2001)
Estelle is a cat who is much bigger than Lucy the mouse. She can make a big shadow, swing on the big, skinny swing, and fit into papa’s slippers. But, for some things, Estelle is just the right size.

Coxon, Michele
Kitten’s Adventure (1998)
Kitten is exploring the world. From the big sky to lots of animal friends, there’s plenty out there, but only one family.

Henkes, Kevin
Kittens First Full Moon (2004)
When Kitten sees a full moon for the first time, she thinks it’s a bowl of milk in the sky. She tries and tries to get the milk, doing everything she can to bring   herself closer to it, but she just winds up high on a tree or soaking wet. Poor Kitten!

Jewell, Nancy
Five Little Kittens (1999)
A day in the life of five little kittens with their mama bathing them and their father cleaning their dishes. As the five little kitten’s parents take care of them, they take care of their little toy mouse.

Lloyd, Sam
Mr. Pusskins and Little Whiskers (2007)
Mr. Pusskins is very upset when Emily, his owner brings home Little Whiskers, a new kitten. Just as he’s writing a letter about how upset he is, Little Whiskers makes a huge racket on the piano,  getting Mr.     Pusskins in trouble, and making things even worse.

Martin, Bill Jr. and Michael Sampson
Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Waking Up? (2008)
As Kitty Cat’s mother asks her to get ready for school, Kitty Cat moves slowly because she’s practicing her purr, playing with her blocks, and playing with her dish.

McCarty, Peter
Fabian Escapes (2007)
Hondo the dog and Fabian the cat spend their days apart. Hondo stays home and Fabian goes out on an  adventure.

Meyers, Susan
Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! (2007)
These cute little kittens are growing up and learning a lot of new things, as soon they explore brand new homes.

Myers, Christopher
Black Cat (1999)
Follow the black cat around the city as we try to find his home. Get a glimpse of what the city has to offer,  from fire hydrants to yellow subway seats to  basketball courts with non-netted hoops.

Numeroff, Laura
If You Give A Cat A Cupcake (2008)
If you give a cat a cupcake, you’ll wind up being the last one in the Hall of Apes when the museum closes. This book explains the whole chain of events.

Rostoker-Gruber, Karen
Bandit (2008)
Bandit, the cat doesn’t want to move from his old home to a new one, so he escapes in search for his warm, sunny, familiar-smelling spot in the family room. But things don’t work out exactly like he planned.

Rohman, Eric
A Kitten Tale (2008)
Even though three of the kittens are afraid of the winter, one little kitten just can’t wait for a chance to get to play in the cold, wet snow!

Ryder, Joanne
Come Along, Kitten (2003)
The big dog knows a place he wants to show kitten. They go there together to catch leaves and climb trees. Kitten can be as free as she wants to be.

Saltzberg, Barney
I Love Cats (2005)
There are all types of cats out there, striped,  spotted, with and without tails. They’re all different and they’re all waiting to be loved.

Thomson, Pat
Drat That Fat Cat! (2003)
Was the cat fat enough? No he was not! He gobbles up everything and everyone in sight, a mouse, a duck, even an old lady!

Watt, Melanie
Chester (2007)
Watch as Chester the cat takes over the story about a mouse who lived in the country. With his red marker, Chester edits everything the author, Melanie tries to write so that, instead of having a story about a mouse, we get a side-splittingly funny story about Chester.

Wheeler, Lisa
Castaway Cats (2006)
When 15 cats and 7 kittens get stranded on an island, they lose hope of being saved. They decide to build a boat and sail away, but  first they need to learn to work together.

Easy Readers

Clements, Andrew
Ringo Saves the Day! A True Story (2001)
When Mitzy, the cat that Carol finds has kittens, she takes one home to save it from a big mean dog. Once her new cat, Ringo, lives in the house  for a while Carol realizes that he’s part of the family too.

Harvey, Jayne
Cat Show (2003)
J HARVEYThe kids get ready for a cat show, but they have to   decide how to sort the cats? Based on color? Based on size? Based on whether or not they are wearing a hat? They try it all!

Barbara Shook
City Cats, Country Cats (1999)
City cats and country cats are a lot a like. They like to play, they like to leap and creep, they sleep on mats, and they sleep in hats. But, they also do these things very differently.

Hoban, Julia
Buzby (1990)
When Buzby goes to look for a job he has trouble    finding one he can keep. But once he finds a job as a bus boy, he turns the whole restaurant upside down.

Schade, Susan
Cat on the Mat (1999)
Cat feels like she doesn’t have a place  anywhere, until her friend, Rat discovers a gymnastics class. Rat is much better than Cat at first, but the floor event is Cat’s last chance to make the team.