Make a Splash in Someone's Life

Picture Books

Jackson’s Blanket (2008)
Cote, Nancy
“Jackson loves his blanket, all fuzzy, soft and worn.” Everywhere Jackson goes, the blanket comes along. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to give it up, but will he change his mind when he meets someone who needs it more than he does?

The Littlest Dinosaur
Foreman, Michael
When the littlest dinosaur realizes he’s too small to do things like play with his older brothers and sisters and venture into the mud, he feels isolated and sad. But when his family needs him, he and another far away dinosaur are ready to come through.

Albert the Fix-It Man
Lord, Janet

Albert the fix-it man spends his days repairing things for his neighbors. He has a tool for every job possible. But when he wakes up one morning feeling sick, his neighbors know they need to work together to fix him.

The Robot and the Bluebird
Lucas, David
There once was a robot with a broken heart, who was sent to live in a scrap heap with other old, broken machines. The robot believed he wasn’t of use to anyone anymore. But one day, he spots a bluebird trying to fight the cold and finds a reason to open his heart up again.

Zen Ties (2008)
Muth, Jon J
When Stillwater’s nephew, Koo, arrives, the adult panda encourages his nephew and three neighborhood children to help out their grouchy, old neighbor, Miss Whitaker. While, at first she seems cold and unreceptive, the group’s efforts don’t go unnoticed forever.

Chapter Books

Ruby Holler (2002)
Creech, Sharon

Grades 4-6
Dallas and Florida, 13-year-old orphaned twins, have spent their lives in horrible foster homes and an equally horrible orphanage. But when they meet Tiller and Sairy, they don’t know what to expect.

Bettina Valentino and the Picasso Club
Daly, Niki

Grades 3-6
When Bayside Prep gets a new art teacher, Mr. Popart, Bettina Valentino is woken up to the wonderful world of art. Mr. Popart does everything a little differently and makes quite an impression on his students (especially Bettina). However one evening, at the students’ Dada art show, he makes an impression on some parents too, and they don’t seem to see what the kids do.

Captain Nobody
Pitchford, Dean

Grades 3-6
Newt Newman is used to fading away, but when he dresses up in his older brother’s old clothes for Halloween, he transforms into a super hero: Captain Nobody. Now cooler and more confident, Captain Nobody saves the day time and time again. But can he save the day when it comes to his brother’s coma?

When You Reach Me (2008)
Stead, Rebecca
Grades 4-7
When Miranda finds the first mysterious letter, she is confused, but as more letters appear that seem to defy the laws of time and space, she tries to solve the mystery of their anonymous sender.