Musical Books

Picture Books

Anderson, Peggy Perry
Chuck's Band (2008)
One day Chuck went to town, bought himself a banjo, and started to play! Soon the rest of the barnyard animals joined in with their own instruments, but nothing seems to please Fat Cat Pat.

Brett, Jan
Berlioz the Bear (1991)
J Brett
On the day before the gala ball, Berlioz hears a strange buzz coming from his double bass. Worried, he misses a hole in the road, and the bandwagon gets stuck. When none of the animals can seem to get the bandwagon free, the strange buzz makes a reappearance.

Calmenson, Stephanie
Jazzmatazz! (2008)
Doo-dat, diddy-dat, diddy-dat, doo! A piano-playing mouse sneaks into the house and gets everyone singing and dancing!

Cox, Judy
My Family Plays Music (2003)
With every member of her family playing some kind of music, one little girl always finds a way to join in.

Garriet, Barbara S.
I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello (2004)
A twist on the old lady who swallowed a fly, this shy fellow swallows all kinds of musical instruments from a cello, to a harp, to a flute.

Isadora, Rachel
Bring on That Beat (2002)
The streets wake up when a jazz trio starts playing. Everyone gets into the music in this tribute to Duke Ellington, even the youngest children.

James, Simon
Baby Brains Superstar (2005)
When an amazingly smart baby takes up music lessons, he discovers his love for the electric guitar. After entering a local talent contest, Baby Brains won over the crowd, but when he's invited to be the opening act at the biggest outdoor music concert, his mommy is the only one who can help ease his nerves.

Johnson, Angela
Violet's Music (2004)
Since she was just a few hours old, Violet would rattle against her crib, making music and looking for other musicians to play with her. As time passes, Violet goes to kindergarten, the beach, the zoo, and all over, as she continues to wonder if she'll ever find someone who likes to make music the same way she does.

Krosoczka, Jarrett J.
Punk Farm (2005)
When Farmer Joe goes to bed at night, cow, pig, goat, chicken, and sheep get ready to rock. They're Punk Farm and they've got a big show to get ready for.

Krull, Kathleen
M is for Music (2003)
An alphabet book of all things musical, from anthem and the beatles, through klezmer and rock and roll, right to zither!

London, Jonathan
Froggy Plays in the Band (2002)
When Froggy spots a sign advertising a Marching Band Contest with a big prize, he forms a band and practices all the time, everywhere, even in his sleep.

McMullan, Kate
Rock-a-Baby Band (2003)
Shake it, baby, shake it! Ten babies together form a Rock-a-Baby Band! Every baby has an instrument to play, and when the lyrics come in, all the babies get so into the music that they fall to the ground!

McPhail, David
Mole Music (1999)
Mole always lead a quiet life until one night, on TV, he heard a man making the most beautiful violin music. Mole sent away for his own violin and, over the course of several years, taught himself how to make beautiful music too. However, Mole, had no idea what an impact his music made.

Moss, Lloyd
Music Is (2003)
At parties, in the elevator, during a parade, or at a concerto, music fills our lives every day in many different ways.

Pinkney, Brian
Max Found Two Sticks (1994)
On a day when Max didn't really feel like talking, he spotted a pair of twigs fall off of a tree. After picking them up and tapping out rhythms, Max spent his whole day making music. But when a marching band rounds his corner, Max gets a sweet surprise.

Raschka, Chris
John Coltrane's Giant Steps (2002)
We start with some raindrops setting the beat, and slowly add in more and more parts until we're looking at a full visual performance of John Coltrane's "Giant Steps," featuring a spunky kitten.

Sklansky, Amy E.
The Duck Who Played the Kazoo (2009)
"There once was a duck who loved the kazoo." After a harsh and lonely winter, the duck took his kazoo and flew south for warmth. One day the duck spotted some other ducks, tired, in the river. With a zu-zu, he played them a song and discovered friendship in his new home.

Sis, Peter
Play, Mozart, Play! (2006)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozard, a famous musician, was child genius and sensation. He played for kings and queens, princes and dukes. He could play backwards and blindfolded, and he even played in his dreams.

Weatherford, Carole Boston
Jazz Baby (2002)
Jazz baby is joining the band and ready to blow a horn, thump thump drums, or plink plink keys.

Weinstein, Murial Harris
When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat (2008)
After a girl and her mother dance around the house to a Louis Armstrong song, the girl dreams of meeting Louis and learning to scat: "oooba lee coooo, oooba lee cat!" Learning to scat seems to make everyone have for fun!

Wheeler, Lisa
Jazz Baby (2007)
When itty-bitty baby's hands start to clap-clap-clap, the music party really starts for everyone in the family. But soon everybody quiets down and daddy and mommy sing to a snoozy-woozy baby.

Books Based on Songs

Lippman, Sidney
A You're Adorable (1994)
Through the letters from A to Z, we can sing this song (with sheet music included) for the ones we love.

Moore, Mary-Alice
The Wheels on the School Bus (2006)
This is a funny, school-based take on the popular "Wheels on the the Bus," where we get to take a crazy ride and the grown ups are the trouble makers.

Nelson, Kadir
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (2005)
Beautifiully illustrated, this song reminds us about the joy of living in this world.

Warhola, James
If You're Happy And You Know It (2007)
Jungle Edition! One day two children sing the classic "If You're Happy And You Know It," at the playground, but when all of the playground's creatures come to life, they add in fun lines like, "If you're happy and you know it give a roar!"

Emmet, Jonathan
She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain (2006)
J 782.42 EMM
Toot-Toot! This is the classic song revisited, with pictures.

Fatus, Sophie
Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush (2007)
J 782.42
Follow the children as they get ready for the day int he morning with this classic, illustrated song.

Wallner, Alexandra
The Farmer in the Dell (1998)
J 782.42 WA
This is the classic illustrated story of how the farming in the dell lead to the cheese standing alone.

Yarrow, Peter
Puff the Magic Dragon (2007)
J 782.42 YAR
With beautiful illustrations, the classic story of Puff the magic dragon gets a little happier twist at the end.