Performing Arts

Picture Books

Ackerman, Karen
Song And Dance Man
When the children come to visit, grandpa gives them a taste of the good old days, the song and dance days, when he used to be a performer on the vaudeville stage.

A Play’s the Thing
Miss Brilliant is full of great ideas, so when she decides that the class will be doing a play, everyone gets very excited. They all work diligently between lessons writing their script in time for the big day, but Jose doesn’t feel as enthusiastic.

Beaumont, Karen
Baby Danced the Polka (2004)
It’s nap time on the farm and while mama and papa try to get a few things done, baby doesn’t plan on sleeping.

Brisson, Pat
Tap-Dance Fever
Annabelle Applegate loves to tap-dance. She dances all day long, wearing a hole in her mother’s floor and the school house floor, aggravating Mrs. Ethel Pontoon’s chickens, and even  causing Mr. Harville T. Stone to blow a tire! But when the people of town try to stop Annabelle’s tap-dance fever, they’re in for a big surprise.

Campbell, Bebe Moore
Stompin’ At the Savoy
Mindy has decided there is no way she is dancing at her jazz recital. Dancing alone or with her aunties is one thing, but in front of people? No way. But when she flings herself on her bed in frustration, a tap tap at the window might just change her mind about things.

Cauley, Lorinda Bryan
Clap Your Hands
Clap your hands, stomp your feet! This book rhymes all sorts of funny prompts and activities to follow!

DePaola, Tomie
When Miss Bird tells her kindergarten class that they will be performing Peter Rabbit for the whole school, Tommy dreams of playing the part of Peter. But when too much dreaming fails him, he finds his own way to be a star.

Geras, Adèle
Little Ballet Star (2007)
For Tilly’s birthday, Aunt Gina takes her backstage before a performance of The Sleeping Beauty. Tilly gets to learn everything about the performance, and she even gets a special surprise at the end of the show.

Hager, Sarah
Dancing Matilda (2005)
Dancing Matilda dances out of bed. Then she dances all day long, as she has breakfast, sees the mailman, goes to the store, and gets ready for bed. She even dances in her sleep!

Harris, Peter
Perfect Prudence (2003)
Prudence is the best at everything there is, from math to singing and dancing. So when it’s time for the school play, her teachers are sure she should play every single role. On the night of the show, everyone is excited to see Prudence, but can she pull the whole thing off?

Helldorfer, M.C.
Got To Dance (2004)
On a hot summer day with nothing to do, a little girl has just got to dance. She dances all kinds of dances all around town, getting out her summertime blues!

Holabird, Katherine
Angelina On Stage (2000)
When Angelina’s cousin Henry decided to join Angelina for her ballet lessons, he dances in his own funny way. So when the two of them get invited to dance in a real, grown-up play called
The Gypsy Queen, Angelina worries that Henry will be too silly.

Martin, Bill Jr.
Barn Dance! (1986)
During the night, while the full moon is shining and all seems quiet, a skinny boy hears an owl call, “...Come a little closer...listen to the night...there’s magic in the air…” When he follows the voice, suddenly everything on the barn comes alive!

Mitton, Tony
Dinosaurumpus! (2002)
Near the sludgy old swamp, comes a quake and a quiver. It’s the dinosaur romp and everyone is joining in!

Pinkwater, Daniel
Dancing Larry
When Martin Frobisher asks Larry, the polar bear, to    accompany his daughter Mildred to dance lessons, Larry  decides to try to join in. However, Madame Swoboda, the dance teacher, isn’t very pleased, since her class is for children and not bears. Larry, finding this highly unfair, takes it upon himself to learn a few ballet moves.

Ryder, Joanne
Dance by the Light of the Moon
The ladies gather together to dance by the light of the moon at Farmer Snow’s barnyard party. First it’s Buffalo Flo, followed by Gertie May Goose, Cassie Sue Cat, and last, Patty Ann Pig. And then there’s the boys. Everyone is getting ready to dance the night away!

Shulman, Mark
Stella the Star
One day Stella comes home from school with a note from her teacher that says she’ll be the star in the school play! Mama and Papa are so excited. They go shopping for new
shoes, a new dress, a fancy new haircut, and the best video camera there is. On the night of the play    everybody gets an adorable and funny surprise.

Wheeler, Lisa
Hokey Pokey: Another Prickly Love Story (2006)
There’s a big problem. Cushion loves Barb, Barb loves dancing, and Cushion can’t dance. He tries to learn    everything from the fox trot to the funky chicken, but it seems like nothing will work.

Wilson, Karma
Hilda Must Be Dancing
Hilda Hippo loves to dance. But when she does, everyone knows it. Hilda Hippo makes a lot of noise. Her friends tried to suggest quieter activities like knitting and singing, but it takes something more than that to make Hilda happy.

Young, Amy
Belinda the Ballerina
Belinda loved to dance but she had two big problems: her left foot and her right foot. Once the judges at the Annual Ballet Recital tell her she’ll never be a dancer, she gets a job at a restaurant, but she wonders if she’ll ever get to dance again.


Guthrie, Donna and Nancy Bentley
The Young Producer’s Video Book
J 791.450232 BE
Interesting in making a video? This book helps clear up the organization of ideas, script writing process, and  production tricks.

Jacobs, Paul DuBois and Jennifer Swender
Putting On a Play: Drama Activities for Kids
J 792.02 JAC
Learn how to write a script, design a set, make costumes and props, and put on your own play!

Frith, Margaret
Hooray for Ballet!
J 792.8 FRI
In the form of a school report with lots of photos and  illustrations, we learn all about ballets and their history, and then take a closer look at one particular ballet: Swan Lake.

Lundsten, Apryl
J 792.8 LUN
“No matter what kind of dance you like to do, this book is for you.” This book offers girls all kinds of tips and tricks, from warm up stretches, to dance moves, to do’s and don’ts of dancewear.

Avi, Susan Cooper, Sharon Creech et al.
Acting Out: Six One-Act Plays! Six Newbery Stars!
J 812 ACT
Here are six plays, one act each, that will make you want to act out! Plus, they’re all written by Newbery award-winning authors!

Bauer, Caroline Feller
Presenting Reader’s Theater: Plays and Poems to Read Aloud
J 812 BA
A book of plays and poems waiting to be performed, and everyone can get a chance to participate!

Jennings, Coleman A. (ed.)
Theatre for Young Audiences: 20 Great Plays for Children
J 812.008/Th
A book of plays based on popular books and stories, such as Charlotte’s Web, The Secret Garden, and Junglebook.