Princess Books

Picture Books

Bateman, Teresa
The Princesses Have a Ball (2002)
When the king finds that his twelve princesses are waking up with ruined shoes every day, he makes several attempts to figure out what they are doing throughout the night.

Cole, Babette
Princess Smartypants (1987)
Despite the wishes of her mother, Princess Smartypants isn’t interested in getting married. She would rather do everything on her own, exactly the way she likes. However, to obey her mother, she gives some potential princes a series of tests.

Cole, Babette
Princess Smartypants Rules (2005)
When Princess Smartypants calls the royal grocer for a packet of ready-mix gravy she instead receives a packet of ready-mix baby. The baby turns out to be a lot more trouble than Princess Smartypants expected. So when her parents go away and leave her home to rule the palace, Princess Smartypants isn’t sure she can keep   everything under control.

Davidson, Ellen Dee
Princess Justina Albertina (2007)
Princess Justina Alberta likes to get her way, so when she says she wants a pet, her nanny goes everywhere in the world to find her one she is happy with.

Grey, Mini
The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-To-Be (2003)
Just like in the fairy tale, “The Princess And The Pea,” the Queen tries to find a real princess for her son to marry. A real princess would feel a tiny pea under a pile of twenty mattresses. But when every princess-to-be reports that she slept well, the very smart pea knows he has to help out.

Hoffman, Mary
Princess Grace (2008)
When Grace learns there will be princesses at the parade this year, she isn’t sure what kind of  princess she wants to be: the pretty, beautiful clothes wearing kind, or the kind that has  adventures.

Holabird, Katherine
Angelina at the Palace (2005)
When Angelina meets three beautiful, bejeweled princesses at Miss Lilly's palace, she doesn't think she can ever be as graceful as they are. But once she sees the princesses arguing in the Grand Ballroom, she realizes that maybe they aren't so perfect after all.

Horowitz, David
Twenty-Six Princesses (2008)
Twenty-six princesses are attending a ball. There is one for each letter of the alphabet, complete with a fascinating and funny rhyme to introduce all of their quirks.

Funke, Cornelia
Princess Pigsty (2007)
The king’s youngest daughter, Princess Isabella, doesn’t want to be a princess anymore. She thinks it’s boring and one morning, she throws her crown into the fishpond. After ignoring her father’s requests to fish it out, she gets to find out what it’s like to live the life of an ordinary girl.

McDonald, Megan
The Hinky Pink (2008)
For all her life, Anabel was just a regular girl, however, she had one thing she can do better than anyone else—sew. When she gets whisked off to the GreatCastle to sew a dress for Princess Isabella Caramella Gorgonzola, the Hinky Pink disrupts her every night in her sleep.

Wilcox, Leah
Falling For Rapunzel (2003)
When the prince asks Rapunzel to throw down her hair, he’s in for a big surprise. In this fractured fairy tale, Rapunzel is too far away to quite make out what the prince is asking for, and she winds up throwing him all kinds of funny objects from her room.

Wilcox, Leah
Waking Beauty (2008)
Everyone but the prince knows what it takes to wake up the sleeping princess. He tries everything he can think of: water, jumping on the bed, but nothing works, until everyone lets him know what he’s missing.

Williams, Brenda
The Real Princess: A Mathemagical Tale (2008)
The king has a counting house and three sons, Primo, Secundo, and Terzo. Custom says that the eldest prince should marry a real princess, so the queen tests all the potential princesses with golden peas and a pile of mattresses. Just try to keep count of everything in this adventure!

Wilson, Karma
Princess Me (2007)
Kind, and fair, Princess Me rules all of the land with her stuffed animals as her servants and her loving parents as the King and Queen. She wears a royal cape and a frilly gown, yet she seems as normal as everyone else; or is she?

Easy Readers

Nash, Margaret
The Princess and the Frog (2005)
The princess doesn’t like to sit still or wear a crown or do anything that princesses do. One day she throws her golden ball inside the house and the king  sends her out. While she’s outside, the princess meets a friendly frog who she promises to play with for the day.

Ziefert, Harriet
The Princess and the Pea (1996)
In order to make sure the dripping wet girl at the door is a real princess, the king and queen slip a pea under 20 mattresses. If she can feel the pea in her sleep, they’ll know she is a real princess.