Romantic Fairy Tales (for teens)

Flinn, Alex 
Beastly (2007)
HM-Teen New Book
Grades 7-10
Kyle is far from beastly when viewed from without, but his  attitude is an entire different  matter, in this urban take on Beauty and the Beast. Kyle gets his comeuppance from a goth girl after he humiliates her at the high school dance and earns her curses.

Stanley, Diane 
Bella at Midnight (2006)
HM-Teen, HS-Teen
Grades 5-8
In this retelling of a Cinderella story, Bella grows up close to Prince Julian, but as time passes, their vastly  different life    stations cause them to draw apart. When a plot comes to light that threatens Julian’s life, Bella must try to save him.

Napoli, Donna Jo 
Bound  (2004)
Grades 6-12
In this Cinderella tale set during China’s Ming period, Xing Xing has become “hardly more than a slave” since her    beloved father’s death. When a trip takes Xing Xing into the wider world, she returns to find home more treacherous than before.

Pattou, Edith 
East (2003)
Grades 6-10
This tale inspired by “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” follows Rose as she leaves home with a         mysterious white bear, finds out that he has been enchanted by an evil troll queen, and discovers she is the only one who can save him.

Levine, Gail Carson 
Fairest (2006)
HM-Teen, HS-Teen
Grades 7-10
In this take on Snow White, the queen manages to take credit for Aza’s glorious voice and impress the new king and his courtiers. Eventually Aza grows tired of the charade, having gained self-confidence in a world that is obsessed by appearances.

George, Jessica Day
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow  (2008)
HM-Teen New book
Grades 7-12
Infused with Norse mythology, the fantasy about a young woman leaving home to live with an ice bear is based on “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” and features mystery, adventure, the supernatural, and a touch of love.