Water Fantasy

Picture Books

Mermaid Sister
Fraser, Mary Ann
Shelly’s brother, Gordy, is a pain in the patootie. So when Shelly finds herself a new mermaid sister, Coral, she’s excited to do all kinds of fun things brothers don’t do. But when Shelly and Coral discover their worlds aren’t the same, it seems that another day at the beach is in store.

Princess Fishtail (2002)
Minters, Frances
When the happy princess spots a handsome surfer ashore, she falls instantly in love. So when the troll makes her an offer to trade her tail for a set of legs, naturally she can’t refuse. But eventually, homesickness sets in, and she needs to find a way to live happily ever after.

The Rainbow Fish (1992)

Pfister, Marcus

Rainbow Fish was the most beautiful fish in the sea, but when he finds himself sad and alone, he gets some helpful advice from a deep, dark octopus.

The Sea Serpent and Me (2008)

Slater, Dashka

One Tuesday, as a young girl is taking her bath, a tiny and beautiful sea serpent drips out of the faucet and into the tub. The two become fast friends as the days pass along, singing songs and taking baths together. But as the sea serpent grows bigger by the minute, eventually he just won’t fit anywhere.

The Sea King (2003)

Yolen, Jane and Shulamith Oppenheim
J 398.20947 YOL

One day, the Sea King, Morskoi Tsar, makes an exchange with a king on the land. Without realizing what he is doing, the land king promises away his newly born son. When the son dutifully makes his way to Morskoi Tsar, he is met along the way by some strange, yet helpful characters.

Chapter Books

My New Best Friend (2008)
Bowe, Julie
Grades 3-4
When Ida May and her best
friend, Stacey Merriweather discover a mermaid night-light in Ida’s attic, something very strange happens: the mermaid’s slight smile changes into a big grin. When they realize the mermaid is magical, the friends start the Secret Mermaid Club, for just the two of them. But Ida suspects that Stacey is using the lamps powers for the wrong reasons.

The Fish in Room 11
Dyer, Heather
Grades 2-5
Toby lives and works at the Grand Hotel, right at the edge of the sea. One night, while chasing after the Cook’s blown away laundry, he comes across a mermaid girl named Eliza Flot. Eventually Toby realizes that the mermaids aren’t safe and he needs to find a place to keep them hidden.

The Secret of Platform 13
Ibbotson, Eva

Grades 3-6
Through a gump, a forgotten door on a railway platform in London, is a magical island where magic creatures live. However, this door only opens for nine days, every nine years. And last time it was open, the baby prince of the island was trapped on the wrong side of the door. When his parents, the king and queen, plan a rescue for their baby, they discover that it isn’t as easy as they’d expected.

Hugo Pepper
Stewart, Paul and Chris Riddell

Grades 3-5
Hugo was raised by two reindeer herders in the Frozen North, along with some help from his two mermaid godmothers. One day he takes a journey to his birth parents’ hometown to find his true identity, but along with piecing together his own family history, Hugo discovers he also has to get back control of the
Firefly Quartly and protect everyone from gossip and rumors.