The Wonders of Water

Water Power (2009)
Benduhn, Tea
J 333.91 BEN

For early readers, this book on water power explains the water cycle, and all of the different ways in which water power works.

Water Power
Oxlade, Chris
J 333.91 OXL

This book has everything about water energy, including water wheels, turbines,  dams, and water power plants. It even has a little quiz in the back so you can see how much you know.

The Pros and Cons of Water Power (2008)
Spilsbury, Louise and Richard
J 333.91 SPI

From the energy debate to the future of water power, this book covers all of the pros and cons of implementing water power into our lives.

Hydropower of the Future: New Ways of Turning Water  Into Energy
Draper, Allison Stark
J 333.91 DRA
For older readers, this book covers the history of hydropower, as well discussing dams, the geographical locations of hydroelectric industries, and other important pieces of information related to water power.

101 Facts About Oceans (2004)

Barnes, Julia
551.45 BAR
Broken down nicely into 101 easy-to-read facts, this book touches on all kinds of interesting facts about the oceans, including lots of information on sea life.

Oceans: The Vast, Mysterious Deep (2003)
Harrison, David L.
J 551.46 HAR

Take a journey through the deep sea and discover all kinds of interesting facts, from a look at our ocean floors to the creatures that live underwater.

McMillan, Beverly and John A. Musick
J 551.46 MCM

This Insiders book brings us  pages  and pages of gorgeous illustrations, in which we explore the ocean’s waves, the rocky shore, and even a whole page of sea turtles.

The Sea
Plisson, Philip
J 551.46 PLI

Predominately a book of captivating photos from the beaches of France, this book hits on a bunch of things most others don’t: oyster farming, salt marshes, a rescue at sea, and with tons of other interesting topics you might have never considered before.

Kingfisher Voyages: Oceans
Savage, Stephen
J 551.46 SAV

In this book, marine experts Ron and Valerie Taylor, take us on a journey, in which we explore everything from coral reefs, to sharks and dolphins, to the ocean floor.

One Well: The Story of Water on Earth
Strauss, Rochelle
J 553.7 STR

This book covers everything related to our one, massive well: the connected oceans. We take a look at recycling and pollution and also, how the oceans affect plants, animals, and people.

Eyewitness Water
Woodward, John
J 553.7 WOO

Complete with beautiful photos and graphs, this eyewitness book covers all aspects of water including the differences between fresh ad salt water, the ocean’s layers, the water in our bodies, and water power.